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What is MrWatchMaster?

MrWatchMaster presents a uniquely authoritative resource, covering news, opinion, reviews and entertainment about the watch sector.

The term ‘Master’ is synonymous with the world of horology. Indeed, since its inception under Royal Charter in 1631 from King Charles I, the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers has elected a ‘Master’ to lead the organisation. A practice that still continues in the present day.

Throughout history, there have been ‘Master’ watchmakers who have shaped the industry as we know it today: Abraham-Louis Breguet, Abraham-Louis Perrelet and George Daniels to name three. We will follow how their incredible work and inventions, manifest and evolve over the years and how they still greatly influence the business today.

As important as it is to celebrate the past, we will also bring our audience new points of view from a range of leading watchmakers, industry professionals, collectors and other practitioners of horology. We will keep you updated with the most interesting developments and provide our own take on new watches, events, trends and anything else that will define the future direction of the sector. We are not salespeople and we will not ‘shout’– see our unique analysis about what people talk about in the world of luxury watches.

MrWatchMaster is a place for you to come and ‘talk about watches’ and share your passions, but we also want you to enjoy the best content.

As accredited members of the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) we are well placed to bring you the best of video content from across the watch industry. People do not want to be interrupted by advertising anymore, but if you discover entertaining content created by a brand, then you are more likely to engage and share it amongst your friends.

Watch brands produce some amazing content which we want to share with you. So we have created the Best Of Video Content where we have uncovered ‘hidden gems’ and curated them for you to enjoy.

We truly welcome your opinion and feedback on our Contact Us page and will, wherever possible, reflect your views in the development of the content.

MrWatchMaster is a proud member of:

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