Welcome to the latest edition of our exclusive Collector’s World series. Our next collector is David Brailsford, the Founder of British luxury brand, Garrick Watches. David is a collector of antiques, fine art and Swiss watches. He is also a renowned luxury timepiece consultant with expertise in locating and sourcing vintage pieces and selling them to select clients worldwide.

The ‘Norfolk’ featuring Garrick’s unique ‘Maritime hands’

We now have pleasure in bringing you a fascinating insight into David’s passion for collecting and motivation behind his extensive collection.

MWM: Where does your interest in watches originate from?

DB: I have always had a fascination for watches from an early age and I suppose it came from seeing luxury watches on the wrists of film stars. I also love mechanical clocks and have a large collection of English, French and Swiss pieces.

Stallone wearing Panerai – ‘stars’ wearing watches influenced Brailsford

MWM: What was the first watch you owned?

DB: My first ever ‘luxury’ watch was a bi-metal Rolex GMT Master. I wore this watch for years and never took it off my wrist even when gardening or doing renovations to my house. By the time I sold it, it looked like it had been run over by a car.

A bi-metal Rolex GMT Master similar to David’s first ‘luxury’ watch

MWM: Why do you collect watches?

DB: I really think that I’m addicted to watches! I just love the different styles and if I see something I like then I buy it. I don’t care if it costs £100 or £20,000 – some people may think that is crazy, but if I like it, I will wear it, regardless of the cost.

MWM: What do you love about collecting watches?

DB: There is always something new to collect and it’s certainly not a boring hobby although it is rather costly.

MWM: Is there anything you don’t like about collecting?

DB: Realistically, you can’t have everything you want and it’s a very expensive hobby!

MWM: What is your favourite watch in your collection?

DB: I’m very fortunate to own many watches and have several favourites. I love my Peter Roberts Concentrique and also my Zeitwinkel 273.

Favourite No.1: Peter Roberts Concentrique
Favourite No.2: Zeitwinkel 273

MWM: Which watch would you love to own?

DB: Too many to mention right now, but I will be investing in a Grönefeld in the near future.

A beautiful Grönefeld watch that David wants to add to his collection

MWM: How do you decide which watch to acquire next?

DB: I simply buy what I like. I hardly ever buy as an investment except for a few vintage pieces. I do love small independent brands and these are always my first port of call when looking for something new.

David Brailsford

David Brailsford is an accomplished entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creating companies that thrive. He is also a renowned luxury timepiece consultant with expertise in locating and sourcing vintage pieces and selling them to select clients worldwide. He is also a Friend of MrWatchMaster.

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