We are huge admirers of Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei and their avant-garde designs for their incredible URWERK timepieces. We are also delighted to see them continue their brilliant UR-Experience, that shares the passionate testimonials by URWERK collectors.

They come from all over the world, each living according to their own rhythms, each with their particular habits and enthusiasms. But they have one thing in common: the URWERK logo on their watch.

We are delighted to be able to bring you more insights and highlights from their ‘UR-Experiences’.

It was love at first sight! The design was out of this world. It made me appreciate how someone’s imagination can come up with a futuristic and amazing design that has a unique way of telling the time. The first URWERK in my collection was the UR-103.08 with angular crystal — the Magneto — back in 2010.” @looch

Original Sketch of the UR-103 (Courtesy of URWERK)

My partiality for independent brands is fuelled not only by the creativity and passion that go into the making of each watch but also by the designs that they come up with. I fell in love with URWERK right from the beginning.” Khaled

Love at First Sight: UR-210 ‘Black Hawk’ (Courtesy of URWERK)

You either love or hate this avant-garde approach, but it cannot leave you indifferent. As for me, I love them all. Their style is unique, making them real works of art. My URWERK watch has become the favorite of my collection. Each time I wear it I can’t stop looking at the satellites turning and turning. It represents the magic of watchmaking.” Alesto1966

Magic of Watchmaking: UR-103 ‘Control Board’ (Courtesy of URWERK)

I got the UR-105M as a gift to myself as I had just finished a business project in the investment industry. It was a big accomplishment for me as it was something I had worked hard for. I never thought I could do it but then I did and now I’m after a special EMC (Hahah!).” André the Kid (aged 18)

An Explosion of Creativity: UR-105 Bought by ‘André the Kid’ at 16-years old (Courtesy of URWERK)

Others may have started with house names such as Panerai, Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet but for me independent watchmaking was my first love. Strange as it may sound, I always think the world of haute horlogerie should be about personalisation, individuality and engagement with the creator of a watch.” Charles

Blueprint for Success: UR-103 (Courtesy of URWERK)

URWERK grew on me…I was on the look-out for a while and following new releases closely until I went for the UR-210. URWERK is certainly one of the coolest independents in the watch world. The watches grab immediate attention and interest.” Sherriozz

It’s a UR-210 Puzzle (Courtesy of URWERK)

I first got interested in watches in the late 1990’s. From there I start learning about them. It was at the moment the URWERK 103 was introduced and it was so incredibly cool! Back then, it was outrageous but also extraordinary too. At that time, all of the collectors I looked up to had one, which was another plus for me.” SJX

Outrageous But Also Extraordinary: UR-103 (Courtesy of URWERK)

My first URWERK introduced me to the world of independent watchmaking, and I have come to truly appreciate the independent watch companies and how different they are from the mainstream brands. I now own watches from many independent brands, but none give me so much pleasure as my URWERK watches. The rotating satellites system and cutting-edge design just does it for me. So thank you URWERK!” SM

The Stunning ‘Iron Man’ UR-110

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