We have interviewed some of the most well known serious collectors of watches from around the world, so we were fascinated to see our great friends at Urwerk are now featuring the views of collectors. Through UR-Experience they relate the passionate testimonials shared by Urwerk timepiece collectors. They come from all over the world, each living according to their own rhythms, each with their particular habits and enthusiasms. But they have one thing in common: the Urwerk logo on their watch.

Original sketches for the groundbreaking UR-110

We have selected some of the most interesting insights from those discerning collectors that clearly have a huge love for the Urwerk brand.

While my collection gave me loads of pleasure, and is definitely part of my personality, I felt a strong need to one day own something completely different. It had to be the opposite of what I was wearing, something new, less traditional and maybe more exotic and possibly even from a whole new brand.”

Feeling it: “The UR-103 touched me”

Around 2004 when I discovered URWERK, the brand had just launched their third model: the UR-103 and while the first 103 touched me, it was the UR-103.03 that gave me sleepless nights. For me it is a timepiece like no other watch in my collection and I still feel the same excitement when I strap on my UR-103.03, even after the 10 years of ownership.”

A “Master Piece”: the CC1 “Cobra” in AlTiN

I was lucky to meet Martin in Zürich and again I felt like I was visiting a friend and he spent so much time to let me into his world. Subsequently I added a “Master Piece”: the CC1 “Cobra” in AlTiN. It is really hard to pick a favourite piece because all these watches are so different and special in their own way but the “Cobra”… well… Maybe it´s my favourite one.”

The blueprint for the UR-103

I sold some watches to finance my purchase which was a rose gold UR-103.3 and when the UR-103.8 came out I went totally crazy, the aubergine hues of the case and the angled crystal made it incredibly desirable. I ended up selling the RG to fund the new model which today, almost 10 years later I get as much pleasure to wear as I did at the beginning.”

The technical brilliance of UR-110 in all its glory

The UR-110 was love at the first sight ! There was one really unique piece at the fair and for me it was the Urwerk’s UR-110. So I’m one of the lucky owners of the very first series of 55 pieces.”

Sums it all up rather well.

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