Next in our series we meet, Aurélie Picaud, Timepieces Director at Fabergé. Aurélie has a great passion for the world of timepieces and since joining Fabergé in 2013, she has enjoyed remarkable success, achieving numerous industry awards for her innovation, ingenuity and creativity.

We are delighted to share her views and opinions on business and the future direction of Fabergé Timepieces.

MWM: How is business?

AP: The watchmaking business is challenging at the moment. The current market for luxury goods in general is quite flat. However, it is also an exciting time and gives us the opportunity to be even more attentive to what our clients are expecting from us and the chance to show how we are different from our competitors and how we can play to our strengths.

MWM: What are you currently working on?

AP: An incredible number of projects and perhaps an event in the springtime for the launch of some new pieces…stay tuned for more information!

Compliquée Peacock: A New Way To Display Time

MWM: Tell us something we don’t know about Fabergé watches?

AP: All our Fabergé timepieces include special surprises which are waiting to be discovered and they also all have a story related to their development and design.

For example, the Compliquée Peacock timepiece (above) has a completely new way of displaying hours and minutes inspired by the Peacock [Fabergé] Egg from 1908. The entire development of this watch, including development of the new manual-winding movement exclusive to Fabergé, was achieved in just 18 months – impressive teamwork!

Another example is the Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ (above) as the GMT indication can only be seen by the person wearing the watch since it is inspired by the Fabergé surprise at the heart of the Fabergé eggs. But there are also additional surprises; one of the movement components is in the shape of a peacock in order to celebrate the Compliquée Peacock watch.

MWM: What watch do you wear?

AP: I am currently wearing the Fabergé Lady Levity (below), which is part of the Dalliance collection. I love the apparent simplicity of the watch with its white mother of pearl dial, whilst knowing the level of technicity this dial requires. It is not a ‘typical women’s watch’ but rather a timepiece which really talks to me.

MWM: What do you like best about the Watch business?

AP: The passion of the Master Watchmakers, Artisans and people in the industry and the smiles on the faces of a team that have been working for months and sometimes years on a project to create a new timepiece. I also find the craftsmanship that goes into creating every component of one of our timepieces fascinating.

MWM: What don’t you like about the Watch business?

AP: I think we should reinforce collaborations and partnerships between watch brands and not be afraid of this. We should also spend more time talking about the Master Craftsmen and Watchmakers behind these beautiful creations.

MWM: What is next on the horizon for you?

AP: Continue working on new timepieces to delight and surprise our discerning clients, spreading the word of Fabergé and reinforcing our incredible partnerships around the world.

Aurélie Picaud is a Friend of MrWatchMaster

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