There is always great excitement and a real buzz on entering the Mayfair ‘Hive’ of the Bamford Watch Department (BWD). We were invited to see the new Bamford London GMT watch and were shown into the room festooned with George Bamford’s wonderful and extensive collection of all things horological and automotive, including the ‘wall of watch clocks’.

Bamford’s Spectacular Wall of Watch Clocks

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with George, as he explained that the inspiration behind his latest creation was the need for an accessible ‘pilot’s’ watch. He also said that it was great to have a watch that he could wear when travelling that was both practical and reliable, hence the design for the internal bezel.

Flying Colours: The New GMT In Bamford Signature Black and Blue

The real magic happens upstairs at the BWD. There we caught a glimpse of George’s latest purchase, a set of four Omega Olympic Timers, which appeared to in their original box, retailed by W.A. Brown Ltd, Jewellers from Dee St. Invercargill.

Back to the GMT watch, which sits very comfortably given its semi-cushion shape and size (40mm), comes in four different colour combinations with a special edition made exclusively for Selfridges (black and yellow). They are well priced at £1,100.00 which represents good value.

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