• Linde Werdelin Pushing The Lume Boundaries

    We are delighted to bring you exclusive images from the exciting collaboration between Linde Werdelin and Black Badger for the Oktopus Blue Sea.  By day, the Oktopus Blue Sea is clean and monochromatic, with a subtle ...

  • Heavenly Creation From Girard Perregaux and Bamford Watch Department

    Girard-Perregaux is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Laureato, the iconic timepiece first released in 1975 and now much admired by collectors. To mark this occasion, the Laureato Ghost, an exclusive limited-edition model, will be produced ...

  • The Engle Clock: The Jewel In The NAWCC Crown

    Everything we do at MrWatchMaster revolves around great stories about timepieces through the rich history of horology. We generally, focus on watches, but also have a love of clocks too. Here we bring you the amazing ...

  • URWERK Bares All With New UR-100V Iron

    We spent an enjoyable time with Felix (Baumgartner) and Martin (Frei), Co-Founders of URWERK hearing about their inspirations for their latest creation, the UR-100V Iron. The UR-100V Iron is cased in steel and titanium, monochrome and ...

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Introducing The New LIV Rebel AR

We are huge fans of the new LIV Rebel-AR which is a racing-inspired update to one of our favorite styles. First introduced in 2017, the Rebel design was an entirely unique shape – the watch is rectangular and ...
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MeisterSinger Adds A New Complication

We are great admirers of the brutal simplicity of MeisterSinger timepieces. MeisterSinger watches show the time with just one single hand. The same is also true of the new model, the Neo Pointer Date. Although the watch is ...
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Mühle-Glashütte Makes A Splash

Mühle-Glashütte made its first ever 29er back in 2006 and named it after a small sailing dinghy. Now they have decided to bring the watch back and reduce its depth – with a height of just 9.35 millimetres, ...
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MrWatchMaster Opinion: Iconic Watches – Cartier Tank

In this continuing series ‘Iconic Watches’ we bring you the world’s most enduring and popular timepieces that have achieved ‘cult’ status. This will include watches from long-established classics from legendary manufacturers, such as Patek Philippe to contemporary icons, ...
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‘Wake Up & Smell The Coffee’ With Bamford and Black Badger

We all know that collector’s love ‘tropical dials’ which generally start out as black and ‘fade’ to a dark shade of ‘chocolate’ brown, when exposed to years of sunlight. Given that these sought after timepieces are thriving, Bamford ...
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Égard Watch Co. Creating Legacy Timepieces

We are great fans of the Égard Watch Co. and their quest to create legacy timepieces. This new line of luxury watches on Kickstarter continues to help families create their legacies with heirloom-ready timepieces. Inspired by 16th century ...
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Minimalistic Design & Maximum Sustainability From Junghans

If it’s precision you want then look no further to the new Junghans max bill MEGA Solar. The timepiece combines innovative technologies with sustainable raw materials and the unmistakable design of Bauhaus scholar Max Bill. A completely new ...
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Bamford Goes Commando For New GMT Models

We are always delighted to see new collections from Friend of MrWatchMaster, George Bamford. The Bamford GMT was the next phase for Bamford London following the success of the Bamford Mayfair launched in 2017. Bamford GMT Options I’ve ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…John-Mikaël Flaux

Next we meet John-Mikaël Flaux, Creator & Horologer, who specialises in the art of mechanics, and aims to revisit the world of watchmaking and automatons by giving them a more poetic and extravagant dimension. In 2012, he was ...
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