• MrWatchMaster Visits: Innovation & Collaboration Exhibition

    The mid to late 17th century is regarded as the ‘Golden Age’ of English clockmaking. This was a revolutionary period in horology, when advances in technology, most notably the invention of the pendulum and the verge ...

  • Transforming Time Again

    MB&F, the world’s first ever horological concept laboratory has teamed up once again with high-end clockmaker L’Epée for their latest creation, Grant, a transforming robotic ‘Horological Machine’ Having good friends is extremely important to Maximilian Büsser. ...

  • MrWatchMaster Opinion: Innovation & Collaboration

    There is a rare opportunity for clock and watch enthusiasts to see a stunning array of clocks, watches and artefacts that tell a colourful story of the history of timepieces. The Innovation & Collaboration Exhibition takes ...

  • MrWatchMaster Partners: NAWCC Hamilton Watch Collections Research Fellowship

    At MrWatchMaster we are proud to work in partnership with the leading horological institutions around the globe, including the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) We also support the Watch industry by encouraging new ...

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MrWatchMaster Opinion: A. Lange & Söhne Invests In The Future

It is around six-months since the extremely sad and untimely death of Walter Lange, the founding father of the Saxon luxury watch brand, A. Lange & Söhne. Through its ‘international talent competition’ we are delighted to see that ...
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MrWatchMaster Visits: Cartier In Motion

We were delighted to visit the Design Museum in High Street Kensington and take in the Cartier in Motion exhibition. It unravels the fascinating story of Cartier’s, somewhat unorthodox approach to watchmaking and how the invention of the ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…George Bamford

Next we meet George Bamford who has made his name as founder of Bamford Watch Department, a business/concept that has become the global market leader in contemporary watch customisation, synonymous with uncompromising style and quality. George counted himself ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…Stephen Forsey

We spent a wonderful time with master watchmaker, Stephen Forsey, Co-Founder of Greubel Forsey. Together with his business partner, Robert Gruebel, their extraordinary company has been pushing the limits of fine watchmaking for almost 20-years, tackling the challenges ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…Don Cochrane

Next we meet Don Cochrane, whose great-grandfather, Claude Lyons, was born in London in 1885 and started working in the watch trade when he was just 17 years old. Claude founded Vertex Watches in 1916, and based himself ...
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Patek Philippe: The ‘Super Complicated’ Art of Collecting

We love talking to collectors of fine and rare timepieces to understand what drives them to collect and their motivations in seeking out their next purchase. In our Collector’s World series we have featured a number of high ...
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MrWatchMaster Opinion: MB&F Goes Alien

Our great friends at MB&F have added an alien(!) element to the extraordinary Horological Machine N°6 (HM6). MB&F first launched HM6 in November 2014, all biomorphic curves and brushed metal in its inaugural edition, known as Space Pirate. ...
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Collector’s World: UR-Owners Experience

We have interviewed some of the most well known serious collectors of watches from around the world, so we were fascinated to see our great friends at Urwerk are now featuring the views of collectors. Through UR-Experience they ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…Patrick Hohmann

The Zurich start-up company Werenbach has been making watches since 2013 out of material from spaceborn Russian Soyuz rockets. Up to now the watches have been produced in very limited editions and sold directly to clients. Three watches ...
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