• MrWatchMaster Meets…Tyler John Davies

    Since 2015, the Young Talent Competition discovers the next generation of most talented young watchmaking apprentices in the world, supports them in their route to independence by identifying their achievements and puts them under the spotlight.  ...

  • Trade Secrets…View From The Bench: Watchmaking 101

    We have partnered with Anthony L. also known as the No BS Watchmaker to bring you a new monthly series, Trade Secrets…View From The Bench. This will give you a fascinating ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight into the world of watchmaking. Anthony ...

  • Mr Aurel Bacs Recommends Six Vintage Watches | MR PORTER

    Mr Aurel Bacs, the man who brought the gavel down on the world’s most expensive wristwatch in 2017, talks us through six of his favourite timepieces going under the hammer next week in NYC. On 5 ...

  • MrWatchMaster Meets…Felix Baumgartner

    Next we meet Felix Baumgartner, the co-founder of one the most avant-garde brands around, URWERK. We had the opportunity to spend time with Felix during the week of Salon QP in London. It was a delight ...

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MrWatchMaster Opinion: Urwerk Special Project – UR111C

We love the slightly eccentric way that Urwerk see the world. The extraordinary vision of both Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, is like a breath of fresh air for the watch industry. There has to be a strong ...
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MrWatchMaster Thinks: Timepieces In Victorian Narrative Painting

There has always been a close link between art and horology. This feature first published by our friends at the NAWCC, brings to life this fascinating subject The following feature focuses on the Victorian period, but timepieces have ...
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MrWatchMaster Meets…Emmanuel Gueit

Next in our series of ‘MrWatchMaster Meets’ is Emmanuel Gueit, watch designer, who is perhaps most well known for his design of the iconic Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore. Emmanuel is the and founder of EG Studio that ...
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MrWatchMaster Visits: Innovation & Collaboration Exhibition

The mid to late 17th century is regarded as the ‘Golden Age’ of English clockmaking. This was a revolutionary period in horology, when advances in technology, most notably the invention of the pendulum and the verge escapement, transformed ...
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Transforming Time Again

MB&F, the world’s first ever horological concept laboratory has teamed up once again with high-end clockmaker L’Epée for their latest creation, Grant, a transforming robotic ‘Horological Machine’ Having good friends is extremely important to Maximilian Büsser. As the ...
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MrWatchMaster Opinion: Innovation & Collaboration

There is a rare opportunity for clock and watch enthusiasts to see a stunning array of clocks, watches and artefacts that tell a colourful story of the history of timepieces. The Innovation & Collaboration Exhibition takes place from ...
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MrWatchMaster Partners: NAWCC Hamilton Watch Collections Research Fellowship

At MrWatchMaster we are proud to work in partnership with the leading horological institutions around the globe, including the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) We also support the Watch industry by encouraging new people to ...
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What’s In A Watch Box?

That feeling of excitement experienced when you open the box to view your latest Watch is thrilling, but have you ever thought about the design and manufacturing process – probably not! Well we do. We recently met with ...
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Unique Piece: Neymar Jr Goes GaGa (Again)

With the football World Cup in Russia just days away, one of the best players in the world, Neymar Jr has been showing us his unique Gagà Milano timepiece. The watch specially created for Neymar was handed to ...
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