We all love a great story – they are at the heart of everything we do at MrWatchMaster. We seek out the best stories connected to watches and bring them to life.

Our series, The Story Of Your Watch, gives you an insight into the stories that motivate people to choose a specific watch and the special occasions they celebrate asking two simple questions…

  1. What is the story of the watch you bought to mark a special occasion in your life? 
  2. Tell us about the watch you bought because of specific story attached to it?

Our next story comes from George Bamford, Founder of Bamford Watch Department, creating personalised and customised watches.

A watch I bought to mark a special occasion was an original Gerald Genta design IWC Ingenieur. It was following a meeting I had with Gerald Genta and I collected each of these pieces to celebrate him and the special opportunity I had in meeting him. Gerald Genta was instrumental in designing these watches and every time I see the wonderful grey silver dial I always think of him and the legacy he has given the watch world.

I bought a Heuer Carrera Ronnie Peterson Edition in Steel and I was very lucky to get it. Both the Swiss and UK TAG Heuer teams plus Calibre 11 helped me get it, so for me, it was the culmination of quite a few people to get my ultimate watch. It made me very happy as I think it is a beautiful re-edition and one of those watches that will go down in history as a great collectors piece. Well, that is my belief.

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