We all love a great story – they are at the heart of everything we do at MrWatchMaster. We seek out the best stories connected to watches and bring them to life.

Our series, The Story Of Your Watch, gives you an insight into the stories that motivate people to choose a specific watch and the special occasions they celebrate asking two simple questions…

  1. What is the story of the watch you bought to mark a special occasion in your life? 
  2. Tell us about the watch you bought because of specific story attached to it?

Our next story comes from Max Nordigian, Co-Founder of Chrono Hunter, the world’s first luxury online watch broker.

I bought my Rolex Daytona when I got my first ‘proper’ job. I felt it would help to make people take me more seriously and act as a ‘conversation’ piece. 

It has also ended up being the catalyst to starting my own business. 

Rolex Daytona: Conversation Piece

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